My Forex Trading Journey | How I Succeeded

Welcome to My Forex Trading Journey. Trading was always one of those professions I knew little about but fantasized often. I pictured being Jordan Belfort for a day, having the world at my fingertips. However, the reality is that trading is one of the most difficult professions in the world to master. This was something I would learn the hard way, just as every successful trader before me has and every trader after me will.

My Forex Trading Journey: Understanding Foreign Exchange

It was during my time in college, studying International Business when I stumbled upon the world of foreign currency speculation (trading). I was assigned a 20-page independent study on the change in the value of the Euro versus the US dollar over the last 20 years. While researching and writing this paper, I came to discover the multi-trillion-dollar industry of foreign currencies. Speculation was one of the major factors that affected the valuation of the two currencies- something I found intriguing and was a big discovery in My Forex Trading Journey.

My Forex Trading Journey: Research Phase

After this discovery, I dove head-first into the world of forex trading and never looked back. It started with every book possible, every YouTube page I could find, and every free website or article out there. That then evolved into me searching for and investing in courses and mentor programs. A majority of these were crap and a waste of money- though some I learned lessons I can’t put a value on. I demo traded, blew live accounts, and lost money hand-over-fist for the first couple of years. Never in my life had I been more frustrated- I had never fully applied myself to anything before and failed this miserably.

Rock-bottom was hit multiple times it felt like, but I never gave up, this was all a part of My Forex Trading Journey. Although I wanted to quit time and time again, I never did. Every time I fell, I got right back up- with a lesson learned. It wasn’t until I turned to professional traders for guidance that I really changed and began to see consistent results. I began training with Maverick Trading as a Forex Prop Trader and learned things I never knew existed. I was pushed and tested more than ever before in my life. But after a grueling year of training, I was able to trade Professionally as a Prop Trader. I then went on to trade for multiple different trading firms before I landed where I am today- as an account manager in the Forex Trading division of an investment company.

My persistence and dedication to the craft are what led me to my ultimate success as a trader. Having said that, my biggest advice to all struggling traders out there who read this article is this: do not EVER give up. I know it will be tough. You will test and challenge yourself more than you ever thought possible; you’ll scream, throw things and even rip out your hair at times. But I promise you, if you don’t give up and you continue to improve and learn, you will change your life forever.

My Forex Trading Journey: From Trader to Coach

Although I am not yet completely where I want to be with My Forex Trading Journey, I have achieved incredible success and have been trading professionally (one of my major goals) for over two years now. I have also expanded my trading career to helping others- in which I have coached hundreds of traders from all over the planet. My true passion lies in trading and helping guide others down the right path to success. So my final bit of advice to you in the story of my trading journey is this: be humble, never give up, help others, find what you are passionate about and chase it with everything you have.

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