High Probability Forex Trading Strategy – Complete Guide

Finding High Probability Forex Trading Strategy something all aspiring traders search for far and wide. Like most topics I cover, novice traders tend to over-complicate finding entries and really lose sight of what matters. In this video, I will show you how real professional traders analyze the markets to find high probability trades. A trading strategy is key for success.

High Probability Forex Trading Strategy: Trading Style

When looking to find high probability Forex trades, you want to determine what your trading strategy and style will consist of. Are you a trend trader or a counter-trend trader? Do you scalp the 5-minute charts or swing trade the daily? These are questions you might not know the answer to but should begin figuring out and messing around with. Do not fight your personality when figuring out your style and strategy- trade in ways that you enjoy and fit your patience, discipline, passion, etc.. This will help find High Probability Forex Trading Strategy.

High Probability Forex Trading Strategy: Price Action

Price action is a great tool when finding high probability forex trades. Price action is what we see on the technical charts when we analyze Forex pairs. It refers to support and resistance, trend lines, candlesticks, supply and demand, patterns, and more. I will dive into many of these topics in this video, while I help you develop a method for identifying these trade opportunities. Secondary indicators are another tool we can use to help identify high probability setups. These are our charting tools like SMAs, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Pivot Points, Fibonacci, divergence, and much more.

High Probability Forex Trading Strategy: Use Available Tools

In order to find High Probability Forex Trading Strategy we must use the tools we have to create a system of identifying trades that have a high probability of working in our favor- and that is exactly what I intend to show you in this video.

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