How to Draw Trendlines in Forex

It’s time to learn How to Draw Trendlines in Forex. As Forex traders, we have many tools at our disposal to develop a winning trading strategy. Learning How to Draw Trendlines in Forex is one of the tools I find extremely useful and powerful. That is why I made this video, to show you How to Draw Trendlines in Forex and apply it to your trading. You will see many different approaches to applying and using trendlines in Forex, but keep in mind that they all revolve around the same concept; they are diagonal lines of historical support and resistance that we anticipate price reacting to in the future.

How to Draw Trendlines in Forex | Free Online Training Video

This video is a full analysis of drawing trendlines in forex. I dive right into the charts to show you a hands-on lesson for properly identifying and drawing these areas of support and resistance. Many traders think of trendlines as an exact point- connecting only wicks or only candlestick bodies. Trendlines need to be looked at as more of a “zone” than an exact point. These lines should be placed in an area where price has reacted to it the most, whether it be a wick or a candlestick body.

Learning How to Draw Trendlines in Forex is a Must

Trendlines can help us identify key areas where price is likely to bounce and continue in the direction of the trend, but they can also help us identify areas where price is changing directions and reversing the trend. In this video, Drawing Trendlines in Forex, you will become much more comfortable with drawing trendlines on your charts and how to use them in your trading plan.

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