How to Establish a Forex Trading Routine

How to establish a Forex Trading Routine is something most novice traders don’t ever think about. Most traders just trade randomly, whenever they have free time, and with no set routine. It’s mind-blowing how much just following a set routine each day can transform your performance as a trader. Not only does having a Forex Trading Routine improve your trading, but you are much more likely to find success in anything you do if you have a routine and structure in your day.

Forex Trading Routine: When I learned

Trading a routine is something I never fully grasped or adopted until I began trading professionally. It was drilled into me while trading with the first proprietary trading firm I ever joined, and it has stuck with me ever since. This is something that must be built into your trading plan and followed a day in and day out- without question.

Forex Trading Routine: Free Forex Training Video

In this video, Trading a Routine, I will go over exactly how to structure your trading day to optimize success. Are you waking up at a set time to trade the proper market hours? Do you check the news daily to see what will affect your trading day? These are the types of questions that need to be answered with your trading routine, along with many more. Take a dive into this video and I will show you how professional traders develop a routine and go about the trading day.

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